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The Giving Report 2010 - A Survey on the Philanthropy Practices of High Net Worth Individuals in South Africa

Jan 1, 2011

The Giving Report 2010 focused on the giving behaviour of High Net Worth individuals with regard to the following: the amount of money donated, time and/or goods donated; volunteering patterns such as the influence of gender and income; the amount of years individuals have been involved in giving; their motivation for giving; and the frequency and scope of giving, such as, how many times per year donors give and the most prevalent sectors and/or projects to which they give.
  • Of those who did not give in 2010, about half felt nothing will change their opinions of giving in future.
  • Those whose source of wealth is investment success tend to give more.
  • Only 26% of the respondents have both a strategy and budget for giving.
  • Males were found to give higher amounts than females. To some extent this is due to males earning greater amounts than females.