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Powerful-synergies: Gender Equality, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability

by Alena Herklotz; Anita Nayar; Bina Agarwal; Christina Archer; Cristina Tirado; Diane Maceachern; Diane Elson; Gail Karlsson; Gita Sen; Graça Machel; Irene Dankelman; Itzá Castañeda; Liane Schalatek; Mariama Williams; Paolo Galizzi; Piedad Martin; Prabha Khosla; Rose Mensah-Kutin; Sonia D; Stephan Klasen; Suranjana Gupta

Sep 1, 2012

This is a collection of evidence-based papers by scholars and practitioners that explore the interconnections between gender equality and sustainable development across a range of sectors and global development issues such as energy, health, education, food security, climate change, human rights, consumption and production patterns, and urbanization. The publication provides evidence from various sectors and regions on how women's equal access and control over resources not only improves the lives of individuals, families and nations, but also helps ensure the sustainability of the environment.