• Description

The research results provide a snapshot of civil society networks in Malawi today, whilst highlighting the critical organisational challenges in 2006. The project did not aim for nor did it achieve an exhaustive impact assessment of all civil society networks in the country. Interviews focussed on three networks: Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN), Land Task Force (LTF) and Civil Society Coalition on Basic Quality Education (CSCQBE). The findings therefore directly relate to thesethree networks; although they have resonance with other civil society networks in Malawi and globally. The main elements of the research methodology included:

  1. Literature review to provide an overview of current thinking (see references);
  2. Semi-structured interviews with up to 25 stakeholders for Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN), Civil Society Coalition for Quality Basic Education (CSCQBE), Land Task Force (LTF), other CSO networks, donors, and government;
  3. Analysis of consultancy work with MEJN and Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET);
  4. Analysis and write up;
  5. Publication and dissemination.
The paper will briefly discuss the development impact of the CSOs before proceeding to discuss the critical organisational capacity issues facing the networks.