How Can We Grow the Work? Ideas from Practitioners of Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace

Mar 01, 2013 | by
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How can we grow the practice of philanthropy for social justice and peace? This is the question we put to twenty-four leading practitioners from different parts of the world during interviews conducted between May and December of 2012. In the pages that follow, you'll hear a fascinating and at times provocative array of answers, reflections, and further questions. Some talk about the relationship between social justice and economic development. Others call for a greater emphasis on indigenous philanthropy. Some speak to what is common among practitioners of social justice philanthropy, while others discuss geographic differences. Risk emerges as a key obstacle, networking as a key opportunity. We did these interviews -- along with a survey of 68 practitioners -- as part of our work to spark conversation and connection among philanthropy practitioners committed to advancing social justice and peace in regions around the globe. The Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace Network exists to increase the impact of this kind of grant making. We do this by developing tools and practices, shifting the narrative in philanthropy, and supporting a community of practice. We invite you to join the Network and the conversation. Let us know what you think about the perspectives in this piece, see our website at, and contact any of us individually for more information. -- The Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace