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Giving to Help, Helping to Give: The Context and Politics of African Philanthropy

by Alan Fowler; Andrew Kingman; Bertha Chiroro; Bhekinkosi Moyo; Christa L. Kuljian; Connie NGOndi-Houghton; Fondo Sikod; Gérard Tchouassi; Halima Mahomed; Ibrahima Hathie; James Muzondidya; Jenny Hodgson; Kayode Samuel; Kwaku Asante Darko; Marwa el Daly; Mohamadou Sy; Mohammed A. Bakari; Robert Muponde; Tade Akin Aina

Jun 1, 2013

In the past decade, the emerging narratives about philanthropy in Africa are about an increasingly confident and knowledgeable assertion of African capacities to give not only to help but also to transform and seek to address the root causes of injustice, want, ignorance and disease. The narratives are also about the questioning of the role and place of Africans in the world's philanthropic traditions and what constitutes African specificities but also African differences and varieties. "Giving to Help, Helping to Give" deftly explores African philanthropic experiences, their varieties, challenges and opportunities. It is about documenting, investigating, describing, analysing and reflecting on philanthropy in Africa. This ground-breaking book rightly tackles the varied modes, forms, vehicles and means in which philanthropy is expressed in multifaceted Africa. It is a pioneering and ambitious effort in a field and community of practice that is new both in terms of scholarship and in professional practice. Many of the chapters boldly engage the burden of reflections, questions, ambivalences and ambiguities that one often finds in an emerging field, innovatively positing the outlines, concepts, frameworks and theories of scholarship and practice for a field critical to development on the continent.
Giving to Help, Helping to Give: The Context and Politics of African Philanthropy