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Harnessing the Voice of Global South Philanthropists: Interview with Firoz Ladak

March 2, 2015

When the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations (EDRF) started the ERFIP (EmpoweR Families for Innovative Philanthropy) initiative in 2013, the intent was to engage with families active in both business and giving from the Global South. What has emerged is a unique platform for private philanthropists from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Advancing the Cause of Women Through the Arts: Interview with Sarah Mukasa

March 1, 2015

AWDF's Arts, Culture and Sports thematic grantmaking area seeks to engage with key players in philanthropy and the arts to produce alternative images and messages of African women, which challenge negative stereotypes and images. It also showcases the contributions and achievements of African women through the creation of platforms for self-expression and dialogue by African women on key issues of concern, and through skills building and technical assistance in addition to grantmaking.

Philanthropy and Risk Taking in Transitions: Interview with Akwasi Aidoo

December 1, 2014

By their nature, national transitions are unpredictable and fast-moving. What is the case for donors taking risks and engaging in these historical moments?Across Africa, there are three broad categories of country: conflict-ridden countries, post-conflict countries and stable countries. Of these, it is often the post-conflict countries that present the best balance of needs and opportunities for donors.

All Change at TrustAfrica: Interview with Akwasi Aidoo and Tendai Murisa

October 1, 2014

The unburied dead, small change and the questionability of old men's wisdom: on the eve of stepping down as executive director of TrustAfrica, an organization he founded some eight years ago, these are among the preoccupations of Akwasi Aidoo. Caroline Hartnell talked to him and to his successor, Tendai Murisa, about how each sees the change and what lies ahead for African foundations. What has been accomplished over the last decade and what comes next?

Whose Agenda? Power and Philanthropy in Africa

September 1, 2013

Content pending.

Interview with Theo Sowa

September 1, 2013


From Seed to Sprout: Creating New Spaces to Strengthen Philanthropy in Emerging Market Countries

July 15, 2013

organize a forum to convene philanthropists and practitioners from emerging market countries was planted back in January 2012,

African Philanthropy Forum Launched

June 1, 2013

Content pending.

Shifting Currents in African Philanthropy

March 1, 2013

Content pending.

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