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Al Mulhem in Social Justice Work

October 1, 2015

Al Mulhem ("Inspirer" in English) provides a theoretical and philosophical as well as practical framework to practitioners, activists and CSOs eager to applying Social Justice and Right based principles in their work and training workshops.

The Case for Community Philanthropy (Arabic Translation)

June 1, 2013

The practice of community philanthropy, has witnessed a growing momentum internationally, as new forms of community solidarity models emerge at the local level. Because of their informal nature, it is difficult for some of these initiatives to grow or survive over time The global movement for community philanthropy offers a number of models for creating and sustaining community foundations which are owned and controlled from the 'bottom up.' Communities identify their own needs and objectives, and then work together to gather the needed resources internally -- whether in cash or in-kind -- to invest in the cause. This publication will shed light on this important practice and how it has contributed to more lasting and impactful results

Civil Society Law and NGOs in Egypt: Overview of the Constitutions and Laws of the World

January 1, 2013

The paper assesses the current situation of civil society with specific focus on the legal framework for the civil freedom of association, and to summarize the current discussions on relevant issues. The paper makes recommendations for the next steps to promote the development of NGOs in Egypt

Reviving Waqf System in Egypt: Analysis of Global Models

January 1, 2013

This paper presents modern examples of endowment management in a number of Arab and Muslim countries, as well as some Western models. The paper aims at listing a set of perceptions and coming up with recommendations for policies and procedures aimed to revive the endowments in Egyptian society, spread the culture of endowment, and to include in the process of social, political and economic development of the country

Volunteerism and Managing Volunteers

January 1, 2011

The guidebook is the outcome of a two-year study on volunteer work in Egypt, which also lead to the founding of the Egyptian Center for Volunteerism. "Volunteerism and Managing Volunteers" comes at a time where the region is witnessing historical transitions. The guidebook reflects on challenges facing volunteers and organizations, including the absence of clear policies, problems of continuity and general issues around distinct role definitions within the civic sector. The book presents theories, concepts and extensive practical advice to better manage volunteer work in nongovernmental organizations. Hisham El-Roubi is the founder of a consultancy foundation for youth development, Etijah. El-Roubi has devoted his career to reaching out to Egyptian youth and helping develop their technical and leadership skills to become more engaged in the community.

A Practitioner's Guide for Social Entrepreneurs in Egypt and the Arab Region - Arabic

October 1, 2010

The Guide presents a collection of reflections and tips for anyone aspiring to start new development projects or social enterprises. While some of the challenges will be similar anywhere in the world, Ehaab shares here his pointers for success within the contemporary Arab social, economic and political context

The Impacts of Social Justice and Wealth Distribution in Sudan

February 5, 2009

The present paper is part of unpublished book that analyzes the political, social and economic collapse of the Sudan. Economic, social and distributive disparities triggered a process for the disintegration of the nation under the pretext of imposing Islamic Sharia Laws. A pronounced prominent conflict are manifested for new mechanisms to redistribute the wealth, especially after the secession of the country's Southern Region in January 2011. A leviathan regime extracted the economic surpluses which enhanced poverty, civil wars and diffused cries for further secession. The current paper bluntly proposes mechanisms to halt the sequestered civil rights and enhance a redistributive process.

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