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Why Kenyans Give: A Nationwide Survey of Philanthropic Behavior

January 24, 2017

DYNAMICS OF GIVING IN KENYA - WHO & WHAT THEY GIVE?93% of Kenyans are Philanthropist More people give to individuals than to organizations. When giving, cash and items (in-kind) are more popular than volunteering

The Giving Report II: A Survey on the Giving Practices of High-net-worth Individuals in South Africa

January 1, 2013

In 2010 BoE Private Clients undertook the first comprehensive national survey on the giving practices of HNW individuals in South Africa. The survey was well received and provided good baseline information on the topic. This 2012 follow-up survey was conducted to identify giving trends that have emerged since 2010 and to continue to support the evolution of philanthropy in South Africa. BoE Private Clients had been rebranded in the intervening period and the 2012 survey was undertaken under the banner of Nedbank Private Wealth.

CSi in South Africa: Examining CSI Strategy, Practice, and Attitudes with a Focus on Social Enterprise and Blended Value

June 19, 2009

The project aimed to: Identify attitudes and practices among leading CSI officers in South Africa surrounding CSI objectives, CSI strategy, and major philanthropy models, particularly social enterprise and blended valueAssess the market for Heart's Blended Value Proposition Funds among CSI officers

National Survey of NGOs Report 2009

January 1, 2009

This is a report on the national validation survey of NGOs in Kenya. The Board conducted na- tionwide survey of NGOs in 2007 and 2008. The data from the survey would enable the Board to advise the Government further on NGOs' activities and their role and contribution to development in Kenya.

The State of Women's Organizations

March 1, 2008

What is the state of women's organizations? Who funds women's rights work? What dynamics are shaping the growth of women's organizations?To answer these questions, AWID surveyed almost 1,000 women's organizations worldwide; reviewed the literature; interviewed donors; and drew insights and recommendations from 300 women's rights leaders and funding allies from 94 countries at the AWID and Semillas Money and Movements meeting in Querétaro, Mexico, at the end of 2006.

How Can We Make Aid to Civil Society Organisations More Effective in Overcoming Poverty

June 1, 2007

This policy brief is based on the findings of the research commissioned by the Southern Africa Trust on: Aid Effectiveness: Trends and impacts of shifting financial flows to civil society in southern Africa.

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