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Tap Local Resources to Fund Philanthropy

March 13, 2015

Regional philanthropy experts have called for tapping into the local resources and the growing wealthy class to fund activities that boost social and economic wellbeing of society.

Blessed Is the Hand That Giveth: A Call to Philanthropy in Kenya

March 5, 2015

If Kenyans give so generously, why do we score so poorly in the philanthropic department? The reason is that while Kenyans are great at informal charity that addresses an immediate need, they are a little less successful at structured philanthropy, where money is geared towards a specific goal, usually long-term.

Harnessing the Voice of Global South Philanthropists: Interview with Firoz Ladak

March 2, 2015

When the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations (EDRF) started the ERFIP (EmpoweR Families for Innovative Philanthropy) initiative in 2013, the intent was to engage with families active in both business and giving from the Global South. What has emerged is a unique platform for private philanthropists from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Advancing the Cause of Women Through the Arts: Interview with Sarah Mukasa

March 1, 2015

AWDF's Arts, Culture and Sports thematic grantmaking area seeks to engage with key players in philanthropy and the arts to produce alternative images and messages of African women, which challenge negative stereotypes and images. It also showcases the contributions and achievements of African women through the creation of platforms for self-expression and dialogue by African women on key issues of concern, and through skills building and technical assistance in addition to grantmaking.

How to Spread It - Salome Lemma: Amplifying African Voices

January 25, 2015

An interview with Ethiopian-born Solome Lemma who is vocal on the subject of "Africa by Africans". Sick of the perception of Africa as either corrupt and poverty riddled, or vaguely "on the rise", she has worked to open the conversation to more diverse and nuanced African voices.

Helping Hand

January 1, 2015

swapping your pinstriped suit for overalls to help renovate a neglected school, or changing your high heels for gumboots to plant a vegetable garden -- without pay and in your free time -- could be one of the best things to do for yourself and your company.

Philanthropy and Risk Taking in Transitions: Interview with Akwasi Aidoo

December 1, 2014

By their nature, national transitions are unpredictable and fast-moving. What is the case for donors taking risks and engaging in these historical moments?Across Africa, there are three broad categories of country: conflict-ridden countries, post-conflict countries and stable countries. Of these, it is often the post-conflict countries that present the best balance of needs and opportunities for donors.

Philanthropic Foundations and Civil Society in Sub-Saharan Africa

December 1, 2014

Despite the fact that international private foundations and local philanthropic institutions have been supporting the political and economic development of African countries for a number of decades now, scholars of African development and civil society have paid very little attention to their efforts. Neither has there been much discussion about traditional African philanthropy and its relevance (or lack thereof) to community development and civil society. This chapter is an attempt to highlight the link between philanthropy and civil society in sub-Saharan Africa by drawing attention to the role of foreign and local philanthropic institutions in the promotion of civil society and democratic governance on the continent. It defines "philanthropy" as it relates to the African context, outlines the conceptual relationship between "philanthropy" and "civil society," and discusses the major philanthropic institutions working in the area of civil society development in sub-Saharan Africa. It concludes with a discussion of the continued dependence of most donor-supported African philanthropic foundations on external sources for the bulk of their funding and why their financially dependent status could be problematic for the development and strengthening of African civil society.

All Change at TrustAfrica: Interview with Akwasi Aidoo and Tendai Murisa

October 1, 2014

The unburied dead, small change and the questionability of old men's wisdom: on the eve of stepping down as executive director of TrustAfrica, an organization he founded some eight years ago, these are among the preoccupations of Akwasi Aidoo. Caroline Hartnell talked to him and to his successor, Tendai Murisa, about how each sees the change and what lies ahead for African foundations. What has been accomplished over the last decade and what comes next?

African philanthropy, pan-Africanism, and Africa's development

September 15, 2014

This article explores the foundations and principles of African philanthropy and juxtaposes them with pan-African-led development. It pays particular attention to new continental initiatives, such as Agenda 2063. It points out that African philanthropy by its definition and practice, is the foundation for development.

Description D'affectation de Volontaire des Nations Unies

July 19, 2014

Description of United Nations volunteers affectation in Burundi.

Putting numbers to corporate consciences

April 30, 2014

Companies may be on the lookout for positive outcomes in their growing lists of corporate social investment projects, but experts caution that a failure to evaluate the business cases of these investments -- which now amount to R8bn in South Africa -- will continue to leave fields of broken dreams.Companies are good at measuring their financial performance, but they are falling short when it comes to their corporate social investment (CSI) because they are not treating it like other investments."What is shocking is even among companies that provide the data, almost none provides a return on investment," says Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services (Iras) CEO Michael Rea.

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